Oncology Massage Level 2 & 3 Vocational Training

Feel confident to massage someone with cancer- become a Certified Oncology Massage Specialist!

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Let's never turn anyone away!

Here's what you'll gain from the Oncology massage level 3 vocational training

Course Prerequisites

This course is only available to qualified massage therapists with a level 3 minimum body massage & A&P qualification and to those who have successfully completed START with touch Level 1 Oncology massage theory course.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic restrictions on our industry. The accreditors FHT and ABT have approved live online assessment for your level 2 course.

Both assessments need to be completed to gain your Level 2 qualification, pick a date for Supine Bolstering and the Andy/Bethany assessment. This can be done on different days and there are a few options to do both assessments on the same day.

Your enrollment form link to book your date will be sent to you by email when you completed your level 1 Oncology massage course .

Upon reflection after we held our first zoom classes, Maureen & Trudy really loved the small groups but also the 1-2-1 sessions and if you have any specific dates and times in mind that may be more suitable for you, please send us an email to [email protected] and we may be able to accommodate a 1-2-1 assessment session for you.

Scroll down for more information on Venue practical date updates.

Dates for Live online assessments are now available. Maximum of 4 students to each live zoom assessment.

Meet the team

Get ready to return to work with your new Specialist skilled Oncology massage therapist qualification- Never turning anyone away again including those living with life limiting conditions. Thank you for the valuable work you do!

August 2021 we're launching a combined level 3 course because the qualification now gets delivered online and via live zoom assessments. You'll always be able to access your course material when you log in but it will be disappearing from the live site to buy in the future.

*To wrap this up I'm encouraging all those that have case studies to submit or complete their level 2&3 course to do so by end of November 2021 if over a year from booking.

August 2021

* Sunday 8th August 2021 1100-1230 Online Zoom Andy/Bethany Oncology Massage Treatment

* Sunday 8th August 2021 1400-1500 Online Zoom Supine Bolstering & Restorative Touch

September 2021

* Monday 13th September 2021 1830-2000 Online Zoom Andy/Bethany Oncology Massage Treatment

* Tuesday 14th September 2021 1830-1930 Online Zoom Supine Bolstering & Restorative Touch

October 2021

* Monday 11th October 2021 1400-1500 Online Zoom Supine Bolstering & Restorative Touch

* Monday 11th October 2021 1830-2000 Online Zoom Andy/Bethany Oncology Massage Treatment

November 2021

* Sunday 14th November 2021 1100-1230 Online Zoom Andy/Bethany Oncology Massage Treatment

* Sunday 14th November 2021 1400-1500 Online Zoom Supine Bolstering & Restorative Touch

More dates coming soon, this may be the last teaching date with Maureen before she starts a new experimental treatment for her terminal interstitial lung disease.

Places are limited to 4 people on Maureen's last course.

  • Prior to your practical level 2 Oncology massage assessment please watch all the lessons and complete the lymphedema quiz, in the "quadrant & directional strokes" lesson, which will be marked before your practical assessment.
  • Practical assessment will take place via two 60-90 minute zoom classes and your link will be sent to you via email.
  • Bolstering Supine & Restorative touch assessment 1100-1200 or 1400-1500 or 1830-1930
  • Andy/Bethany Oncology massage treatment assessment 1100-1230 or 1400-1530 or 1830-2000

Congratulations on passing the Level 1 Oncology massage theory course.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the day of your course, and supporting you through your oncology massage journey.

Level 2 - Practical Assessment

Treatment Plan using APP formula
Oncology massage
Restorative touch

Lymphedema risk routine

DVT risk routine

Case study preparation

It is important to us that you get the one to one you deserve, that's why we only take small classes of no more than 6-8 students at our venues or on our live zoom classes.

Live online assessment via zoom class checklist

  • Model (does not need to be someone with or had cancer for the class), and massage couch, chair or stool if preferred.
  • Sufficient bedding, towels, pillows, blankets to perform bolstering techniques.
  • Hand sanitiser, wipes.
  • Extra equipment- PPE (dependant on model, their treatment ect. and Covid-19 guidance)
  • Good internet connection
  • Up To date browser
  • Camera and microphone functioning on (earphones/ headphones optional)

Important to practice and prepare before class

  • Positioning of camera for assessment- to allow your tutor to see you and the whole bed.
  • Watch the restorative touch and bolstering lessons and practice the routine and towel origami bolstering techniques in preparation for your assessment.
  • Familiarise yourself with Andy & Bethany's consultation and lesson. Watch the risk of lymphedema routine, Risk of DVT routine and bolstering lessons and practice the routines and towel origami bolstering techniques in preparation for your assessment.

Your ready now!

  1. Grab a cuppa and log into zoom class meeting.
  2. Position your camera on yourself at this time, your model will be needed in approximately 15 mins.
  3. Introduce yourself and share why you wanted to learn oncology massage with other like minded therapists on the course.
  4. Time to ask your tutor any questions
  5. Get ready for your assessment, prepare model and position camera to yourself working around the massage couch. Your tutor may ask you to reposition your camera if they cannot observe you clearly. Please prepare and practice your set up before class.


The Level 2 course format has also been revised with online lectures, videos that you'll have life-long access to, just like revisiting your class again again whenever you need a wee refresher. So even better than attending a class for a day, let's face it we always forget something or wish we could see that demo again.

When face to face training at venues resume again, it will be for assessment only, the same format as the live zoom assessments with both Restorative touch and Andy/Bethany assessment on the same day. 1030-1400

Checklist when attending venues- What do I need to bring on the practical day?

1 set of bed linen,( 2 large towels, bed cover and 1 or 2 hand towels)including 1 pillow/bolster. If you are travelling from another country, find out what linen you can borrow from your accommodation. When registering for your practical day, you will be asked if you are able to bring all the items on the list. If you are able to transport extra pillows or linens, this will be helpful too. All our venues have close parking and drop off points for loading.

Wear loose comfortable clothing, tunics are not compulsory.

You can contact us by email at [email protected] if you require any in-house salon or spa training, additional dates or would like to host a course at your venue. Looking forward to supporting your massage journey.

Scottish venue course dates:

START with touch Head office, 8 Meadow Street, Falkirk, FK1 1RP

2021 *not currently taking bookings due to Covid-19 restrictions

Norwich venue course dates:

The Norwich wellbeing centre, 15 Chapelfield East, Norwich,NR2 1SF

2021 *not currently taking bookings due to Covid-19 restrictions

Manchester venue course dates:

The old courthouse, The full spectrum centre, Chapel Street, Dukinfield, Greater Manchester, SK16 4DY

2021 *not currently taking bookings due to Covid-19 restrictions

After successfully completing the level 2 practical training, your tutor will be on hand to support you to complete your case studies.

You also have lifetime access to our closed facebook tribe.

Level 3 - Mentored Case Studies

Complete 3 case studies

Congratulations, you’re now a Qualified Oncology Massage Specialist!

A follow up call will be scheduled after successful completion of your level 3.

Supporting our students is top of our list.

I’ve have been to Maureen for courses and she is an amazing teacher, patient, understanding & helpful. I was a bit anxious about the courses but nope she relaxed me straight away. Thanks your a star 🌟

Claire Black- Rest And Be Tranquil

I have completed 2 courses with Maureen so far. she is an amazing lady. So full of knowledge and experience and love. She has given me so much encouragement and support to follow my dream, very inspirational. Thank-you very much Maureen and I'll definitely be signing up for more courses in the future. xx

Lucy Rogerson- The Hidden Sanctuary, Holistic Therapies by Lucy

Have recently started Oncology Massage course with Maureen and the practical session was great ...she really knows her stuff and the enthusiasm was immense. Can't wait to complete the course and look forward to further training with Maureen. She is so supportive too. Thank you

Liz Elliot

Your Instructor

Maureen Bonner
Maureen Bonner

Maureen Bonner is an experienced oncology massage expert since 2001 and has been recognised by the industry's regulating associations for her inclusive and supportive teaching style and contribution to the Education of Complementary therapies and Oncology Massage by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) Tutor of the Year 2018 Finalist at the FHT Excellence awards.

It all started in the year 2000 when she trained in Complementary therapies and Beauty Therapy.

Ironically she's spent the past 20 years of her career, researching and providing treatments to those with cancer and life limiting conditions and complex health needs, resulting in START with touch Oncology massage level 3 vocational training becoming a recognised qualification in the industry, accredited by FHT and ABT and she has taught all over the world.

Now Maureen is advocating from a patient/ clients point of view as she applies all her expertise into symptom managing her condition using various complementary therapies, reducing the amount of medication and severity of reactions and symptoms from her terminal rare interstitial lung disease.

Early in her career she volunteered at a local hospice where she worked along with medical professionals to show the benefit that massage and other complementary therapies had on the wellbeing of patients. At the same time, she was able to show that massage therapy helped with various symptoms that cancer patients were going through with the effects of their treatments.

Maureen has also been involved in working with the elderly in nursing homes with patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. Other groups she has worked with include the local fibromyalgia group, people with sight, hearing and speech impairments, and various other groups which support people with a number of disabilities. She also has a massage clinic, the Holistic Clinic which she has been running for over 10 years. Before that, she operated a mobile therapy clinic which was also involved in corporate work throughout the Central Scotland area. Through this, she delivered therapies and health relief functions, meditation sessions and mindfulness lectures. Furthermore, she is also a practicing Nicherin Buddhist and this is where her passion for inclusiveness comes from.

Throughout her career she has continued to develop herself professionally, obtaining many certificates in training on various massage skills, learning Eastern methods as well as advanced Western methods. She also works with energy, been involved with crystals from a very young age, (around the age of 5) and meditation. She is also a Reiki and Seichem Master.

Maureen tells an up to date story here on YouTube why you see her wearing an oxygen canula, and in her own words her "big baw face" appearance has changed because of the life saving medication she is on to help extend her life, enabling her to have even one more extra day joyfully living doing what she loves most. Supporting and teaching others within the complementary therapy industry.

Maureen is looking forward to being your tutor and helping you fulfil your ambitions as she has hers, and welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with you while supporting your journey and helping you to achieve your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I book and pay for the practical date combined with online theory?
It is important that you learn the theory before the practical day so everyone is at the same level. There is a lot to learn and you will be assessed throughout the online course. You need a 70% pass mark to progress onto the practical training day. As the theory is online you can go at your own pace, and if any of life’s obstacles show up to eat into your time for completing this, then there is no need to worry as you have 1 year to complete the course, thus not putting any strain on anyone to complete or rush the theory training. This allows places on the practical day to be available and more dates added where needed. It is a natural progression.
What do I need to bring on the practical day?
1 set of bed linen, including pillows/bolsters. If you are travelling from another country, find out what linen you can borrow from your accommodation. At some venues we require up-to 50% of students to bring a massage couch. This will be co-ordinated by your tutor. When registering for your practical day, you will be asked if you are able to bring all the items on the list. If you are able to transport extra pillows or linens, this will be helpful too. All our venues have close parking and drop off points for loading.
When will I get my certificate?
After successful completion of the online theory, practical day and your complete case studies, you will receive your certificate within 5 working days of your case studies being marked and submitted by email.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.
How long does it take to mark my case studies?
Your case studies will be marked and you will receive the results within 5 working days.
Do I need to bring a model?
No. Part of the learning experience is to receive the treatment ourselves. Only then can we truly appreciate and experience what our clients will receive from us. We learn just as much from receiving as giving!
What support is available after I have completed the course?
The START with touch ethos is built around support, and it is our policy to support students as long as you need it. We have various ways in which we do this. The most valuable support can be found on the closed Facebook group where you will receive tips, encouragement and support for every aspect of your oncology massage journey from Maureen Bonner and other therapists who work within this specialty field.
Do I need insurance to do case studies?
As you are a qualified massage therapist, you should have public liability insurance in place. Please contact your insurance provider to inform them you will be undertaking 3 case studies as part of the START with touch Oncology Massage Level 3 course. Every insurance company is different, but the majority of them will cover you without an extra premium.
What kind of consent is required by my client to allow me to carry out specialist oncology massage?
A minimum of informed consent is required from your client. All insurance companies set their own guidelines which must be adhered to. However it is our mission here at START with touch to make it easier for therapists to treat clients with a history of cancer by first developing this thorough training and second to continue to communicate with all the leading underwriters.
Will I be able to gain insurance?
Yes, you will never have to turn anyone away again. The course is accredited by the major bodies in the UK and is fully insurable for you to treat clients out with a hospice/ medical setting. You are able to treat clients with cancer or a history of cancer within your therapy business, whether this is home visits, salon or in a spa.
How many CPD points are awarded for START with touch Oncology massage level 3 vocational training course?
Each membership company sets their own number of CPD point which depends on the amount of learning hours. START with touch Oncology massage level 3 course will take you a minimum of 26 hours study.

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